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Beaulieu Natural Health and Nutrition Clinic


Opened in spring 2014 The Beaulieu Natural Health and Nutrition Clinic offers a synergystic range of expert health support you need to be your physical and emotional best including: nutrition, massage, fitness, acupuncture and a new weight management and health program - Forest Fit


Nutritional Therapy

Yvonne Bishop-Weston BSc. Dip ION mBANT will provide  one-to-one and group nutrition consultations setting you up with optimal health strategies to holistically support digestive problems, skin health, mood and other concerns.

The well respected and successful Foods for Life Natural Fertility Programme will provide step by step fertility support from pre-conceptual planning to weaning your baby.

Nutritional support for children’s health issues including a specialist multi disciplinary ASD clinic providing a fully integrated service including medical practitioners, occupational therapy, teaching and nutritional therapy.

'Live Life' ideal health and weight club to help you reach and maintain your ideal weight within your lifestyle.


Counselling including eating disorder therapy

No matter how determined we are to improve our health and wellbeing there can be times that it is  hard to get started or maintain a strategy.  When this is the case it is important that practitioners work together to provide the most effective support. We therefore include registered CBT therapists in our practice as well as a specialist eating disorder therapist.

The ‘Live Life’ ideal health and weight club includes advice from a Vicky Duddridge BACP(Acc), BSc(Hons) Psy, PgDip CBT, Dip Couns, a CBT therapist specialising in emotional eating.

Massage therapy including sports, pregnancy and massage

To reach optimal wellness it is not just the diet and mind that may need to have the best support. The Beaulieu Natural Health clinic also includes health and wellbeing therapists to support the structural health of the body. This can not only relieve structural and painful issues but also aid relaxation, reduce stress and help you have the motivation to reach your health goal.

Therapists include specialists in  sports massage, pregnancy massage and baby massage.

Acupunture including beauty acupuncture

Acupuncture can help with so much more than just natural, drug free pain relief - an expert acupuncturist can lower your blood pressure, can help with fertility barriers and even beauty issues and signs of aging. Acupuncture can also help with life debillitating emotional issues.

Fitness and Personal Trainers

Although health and fitness solution are predominantly based in optimising nutrition, exercise is an essential part of any optimal health program and you can't get well without it!

Other complimentary therapies

When choosing who to work with we look for people who specialise in a specific area to ensure their continuing professional development and practice are focused to enable them to become true experts. If you know of a therapy or practitioner who you feel would be a valuable member of our integrated team we would love to hear from you.

Natural Products and Online Health Food Store

Sweet Joe Pye in Lymington is the nearest health food store to Beaulieu Natural Health & Nutrition Clinic. They sell most of the things we often recommend.

Some items that are a little more difficult to be found are available at Foods for Life Recommends