Business Services

Business, Media, PR , Event and Corporate Support Services

A range of  other services are available for the catering industry, health, education and communications industries


Media , Production, PR Agencies, TV, Radio, Print, Journalists, Copy

We offer independent expert health and nutrition advice and support for both sides of the media industry for producers, researchers and journalists and media and PR companies seeking an independent health professional expert voice or comment for brand managers and brand development and marketing.


Marie Claire - Compass Magazine - BBC Rip Off Foods -  ITV ITN News - Evening Standard - BBC Shoot with Gloria Hunniford


Expert Keynote / After Dinner Speaker ,Training, Workshops, Presenting, Exhibitions , Product Launches and Events

We offer a range of independent eaxpert health professional speaker services and workshop concepts. Yvonne has spoken worldwide from financial institutions in the City of London to Essential Fatty Acids in Roumania, Kindergarten Nutritrition in Turkey, Infant Health in Holland, mini health consultations at various product launches as well as many trade shows, conferences and exhibitions. We can arrange corporate health and wellbeing wellness days or workshops with other practitioners offering massage, accupuncture, personal development, change management and enhanced performance techniques. We also offer a Foods for Life Children's Academy of Food facilitated by Captain James Tea Cook Pirate of the Carob Bean


VegfestUK CPD Health Summit - Leon Restaurants Staff Training - Women Drivers - BT Directors Training


Business to Business Health Nutrition Technical Support, Product Development and Brand Management

We have supported many new product or recipe development projects from EPA DHA rich algae alternatives to fish oil, sugar free omega 3 chocolate through to menu development and restaurant core concept, development and launch. Liason with inhouse catering to blend with core workforce wellness strategies and recipe analysis for nutrient status


Vitabiotics Weaning Guide - British Frozen Food Federation With Aldo Zilli - Essential Omega 3 Fats


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