Academy of Food

Foods for Life Health & Nutrition Academy of Food Mobile Cookery School

New Forest Nutritionists Cookery SchoolOur Foods for Life Academy of Food peripatetic cook school offers healthy eating cookery demonstrations and workshops for all ages and all sizes.

In your home

We can come to your home and teach you how to avoid the enemies of nutrition, optimise the nutrients in your food, save time, save money on food bills, fuel and energy bills and unlock the flavour in your food to tantalise your tastebuds.

All menus approved by our New Forest and London Nutritionist.

In your workplace

We can work with your HR department or health and wellness team to provide from a few hours to a whole day of presentations and interactive workshops on optimising concentration and performance and achieving optimal health.

We can organise lunch using locally produced New Forest ingredients and healthy snack ideas and food tasting sessions.

We can arrange confidential mini health consultations if there are a number of employees with health issues.

At school

We can teach children from the age of 4 about the importance of eating a variety of rainbow coloured food with the help of a Pirate (Capt James Tea Cook) or a Superhero (FADMAN - Capt. 5 a Day)

Older children enjoy training on a balanced plate to enhance mood, sporting performance, beauty and skin health and weight management.

At open days, exhibitions, festivals and events

Add a healthy eating element to your event with Foods for Life Health and Nutrition Academy of Food. We can arrange speakers, smoothie bikes, and food tastings as well as the Children's cook school or cookery demonstrations of healthy food.

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