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Join us in getting better together

Empower yourself and others by taking care of your health and wellbeing. When we are feeling physically and emotionally resilient, we are in a better position to support others on their journeys. Together we are stronger and small steps can support ourselves, our families and friends, and our wider world.

Join our community and receive regular suggestions to help you eat well, live well and be well, as well as take achievable steps to a supportive and more sustainable world. Led by Yvonne and Tony Bishop-Weston our clinic colleagues and guests will contribute and get us started in getting better together.

Optimum Health is a jigsaw we are here to help you with every piece whatever your goals and needs

Foods for Life Nutrition and health Expert Yvonne Bishop-Weston will help you with all parts of the nutrition and Health jigsaw

Typical areas we will cover include:

Look what we've found - Eating and Drinking

Great healthy buys we spot in the shops but during Covid 19 isolation also local support, ensuring if you have more than you need that you share with those most in need. Tips and food based solutions from expert nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston and recipes from Tony Bishop-Weston.

  • Quick healthy meal recipes and menu ideas 
  • Store cupboard essentials and alternative ideas for difficult to find ingredients
  •  Snacking to support day long energy, which snacks to pick
  •  Growing food – a window box or kitchen pot really is enough to benefit from freshly grown food
  • Hydration - why and best drinks to choose and why

Get Better Together Food, Drink and Nutrition Pages (Link)

Exercise - Physical Fitness

Nutrition is the most important part of the jigsaw but exercise offers a whole range of benefits that can help general health, mood, sleep and reducing stress. Finding an exercise you can enjoy and maintain frequency is key.

  • Get moving, find a way that suits you and that you enjoy
  • We will link you up with online options and ideas
  • Guest posts and links to expert physical fitness colleagues and friends

Get Better Together Exercise and Physical Fitness Page - Link

Stress busting – Mental welbeing and fitness

Stress, left unchecked and untreated can have a hugely detrimental effect on all parts of the health jigsaw. Not just sleep and mood but also our digestion affecting nutrition and starting a viscious circle of numerous dibilitating conditions.

  • Techniques to help us all through now and in the future to battle stress
  • Breathing techniques
  • Relaxation and sleep
  • Book reviews
  • Links to emotional well being experts

Get Better Together De stress, relaxation and emotional wellbeing page


The Appliance of Evidence Based, Nutrition Science

BBC1 'Truth or Scare' Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston gives balanced informed views on nutrition messages in the media and on social media and shares experience on practical solutions that have proven useful in her 17 years in clinic in London Harley Street as a clinical nutritional therapist.

  • In the Press - Truth or fiction, fact based or wishful thinking fake news
  • Nutritional supplements Q&A – which are safe, which may help and which we don’t need

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