Book an Appointment with a Therapist

 To book an appointment with a complementary health therapist at The Beaulieu Natural Health and Nutrition clinic please use the therapist booking and enquiry form - 

>> Therapy Booking and Enquiry Form <<

To confirm a nutrition appointment with Yvonne Bishop-Weston we will need payment (see payment options on left hand side of this page) and your completed Health History Questionaire forms. This will save considerable time in your consultation. If you don't have / haven't recieved forms please contact the clinic - clinic @ foodsforlife ASAP

Yvonne may advise optional biochemical laboratory tests these would be at an extra cost to the consultation but usually paid direct to the laboratory not to Foods for Life Nutrition and Health Consultancy or The Life Consultancy

For any other random payments to Foods for Life or Yvonne Bishop-Weston you can use the DIY pay now button option below but please complete the notes section with the original date of purchase/ order/ appointment and what the payment is for - many thanks


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