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Why consult an expert clinical nutritionist? What does a nutritional therapist do?

Yvonne Bishop-Weston New Forest Nutritionist Nutritional Therapy

Eat well, live well, be well

The Life Consultancy in the New Forest is here to provide practical and effective health solutions, both for your individual health concerns and also for business, corporate health and wellbeing, and HR needs.

The clinic is led by Yvonne Bishop-Weston, Nutritional Therapist, who was born and raised in the New Forest and now lives back in Beaulieu after running successful practices in London for many years. Yvonne will also continue to practice from her Harley Street clinic.

It's true, you are what you eat but it's naive to think optimum health is as simple as just eating five fruits and vegetables each day. We often lead ridiculously stressful and overly complicated lives that leave a complex tangled web of biochemical imbalances and problems with symptoms that don't seem remotely or logically connected to the actual root cause. Your doctor may diagnose and give your condition a name, an 'itis', or a 'syndrome' but struggle to find a practical cure for your chronic, non-life threatening condition. This may be because the complex interplay between the different body systems and root causes have not been identified. Your body needs the right foods and fluids to function and to optimise our health we often need to find out what the right diet is for us as bio-chemically unique beings.

The role of a Nutritional Therapist is to work with you to identify what dietary and lifestyle steps you need to take and to give you the tools to be able to carry these out day to day.

An experienced, qualified, professional clinical Nutritional Therapist is also trained to make use of over 100 different biochemical laboratory tests and other clues and markers to quickly get to the root cause of a problem and deal with the reason rather than just treat the outcome.

Optimal health through nutritional therapy is something we encourage you to take responsibility for. Having assessed your individual needs and situation, our aim is to teach you how to get in tune with your body and its vital requirements and train you how recognise cries for help from your body and how to respond.

You can leave it all up to your nutritionist if you prefer but our aim is ultimately to teach you the sustainable management of your optimal health.

Of course biochemical synergy and fuelling your body with the right ingredients for repair and maintenance are only one part of the jigsaw of sustainable optimal health. We can personally recommend other practitioners in other disciplines that can deal with other parts of the jigsaw and perfectly complement your nutritionist's efforts to make total health more easily attainable.

With weight loss for instance - a nutritionist can help you loose weight through special diets geared specifically to your personal nutritional needs but it may be easier and more sustainable if you address your emotional health and physical fitness at the same time.

We can liaise with your hypnotherapist or counsellor to maximise your motivation to stick to your personalised nutritional program and achieve more sustainable, healthier results than through a single approach.

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