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Antibacterial Anticeptic Hand Gel / Sanitiser Home Made Recipe

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Posted on Mar 07 2020
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Natural Home Made Hand AntiBacterial Antiseptic Sanitizer / Hand Gel Recipe


60% Witch Hazel
15% surgical spirit
5% Glycerin
20% Aloe Vera gel
A Couple of drops of your favourite essential oil to make it smell nicer


Pour all ingredients into a dispenser bottle using a funnel.
Screw top back on tightly and shake thoroughly
The combination of these ingredients should emulsify and blend easily


Initially the surgical spirit smell is very strong but it soon evaporates (within seconds) to leave faint smell of your favorite essential oil
It's a little wetter than a normal gel or a foam but if you don't attack the bottle and squirt the opposite wall you should be fine

AntiBac/antiseptic Essential Oils
Obviously tea tree essential oil is the choice that springs to mind but the smell is far too medicinal for most (even worse than surgical spirit?)
Lavender, bergamot, rose , eucalyptus or cinnamon may be more your cup of tea
See here for more on anticeptic / anti bacterial essential oils
Not really good enough to drink (do not drink!) but all our visitors at Beaulieu Natural Health and Nutrition Clinic seem happy with our hand sanitizer and have asked for the recipe so here we are.

Home Made anitibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel Antiseptic Recipe Beaulieu Health Clinic

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