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Can a sandwich be part of a healthy eating diet?

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Posted on Mar 24 2017
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Yet another poll of UK consumers hails the bacon butty as the UK's favourite sandwich. The BLT comes close behind.

This is despite the World Health Organisation moving processed meats into the increased risk of category, the same as cigarettes.

High fat, high salt sandwiches with very little fruit and vegetable content still seem to be the norm. The humble egg sandwich still popular but that maybe because it's often the cheapest sandwich on offer and more and more people are avoiding meat.

Meanwhile in another study it seems the majority of office workers have the same lunch every day some of them every day for over 5 years.

A number of vegetable based sandwiches have been launched in the last year including two vegan sandwiches by Marks and Spencer that made almost every national newspaper - "M&S Launch 2 new vegan sandwiches!" 

Vegan Sandwiches in the UK wraps healthy eating goes vegan

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