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Get Better Together Launch - Care in Our Community

Get Better Together - Health News Review
Posted on Mar 20 2020
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At this incredibly stressful time for all, some of our focuses may change but our plan to support the health and physical and emotional wellness of as many people as we can will remain at the core.

Get Better Together (visit our pages now)

Your health, your life, our world

Empower yourself and others by taking better care of your health and wellbeing. When we are feeling physically and emotionally resilient, we are in a better position to support others on their journeys. Together we are stronger and small steps can support not only ourselves, our families and friends but the wider world too.

Join our community and receive regular suggestions to help you eat well, live well and be well, as well as ways to take achievable steps to support a more sustainable world. Led by Yvonne ( Clinical Nutritional Therapist) and Tony (Consultant Development Executive Chef)  Bishop-Weston, our clinic colleagues and guests will contribute and get us started to 'Get Better Together'.

Here are some of the areas and Topics we will be covering - Please sign up now:


  • Truths or Scares - Similar to that BBC1 programme that Yvonne often pops up on we look at stories in the Press in try to sort Nutrinomics truth from Nutribollix nonsense and fake news

  • Shopping for Life - Look what we found! ( Products and Competitions)

  • Recipes for Life - Quick healthy meal ideas, recipes, swaps and best snacks

  • Grow for Life - From window sills to window boxes and gardens

  • Books for Life - Whether you read for fun or relaxation, or self development -Your reccommendations welcome

 Bite Sized Therapy

  • Move for Life - More and more ideas for all budgets and all physical capabilities

  • Relax for Life - Stress and anxiety are so detrimental to health - solutions from breathing to sleeping

  • Drink for life - Best hydration to best high society quaffing

Get Better Together (visit our pages now)



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