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Mad March April Fool's Healthier You Sale

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Posted on Mar 26 2018
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We have covered all the basics that you need to give you body a helping hand to get back on trap and repair itself from the daily onslaught of everyday stress, trials and tribulations of modern day living. Promise to take them every day for a month and follow our free top tips for health for a month and if you don't feel better we'll give you your money back. Please note this is not a substitute for medical advice and to check with your GP and Yvonne especially if you are taking any medications or have any health conditions. For one to one consultations with Yvonne in person or via Skype or phone or to arrange biochemical laboratory tests please contact us

We have teamed up with Vegetology and Optibac to put together a really mad fool's deal on vitamins, minerals, omega 3 essential fats, extra vitamin D and probiotics

Vegetology Multivitamin and Mineral RRP £12.99

Opti3 EPA and DHA , Vitamin D  RRP £16.95

Vitashine Vitamin D3 Spray RRP £9,98

Optibac Daily Immunity Probiotics RRP £11.49

Buy Opti 3 essential fats with Vitashine Vitamin D3 Spray for only £25 and get the Multivits and Probiotics absolutely  free - includes free postage. That's all the basics covered - just add fresh vegetables, wholemeal grains, water and some nuts and seeds, beans or other protein rich foods to get you back on track to feeling  roaring to go.

Pop into the Beaulieu Clinic to pick your pack up.


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