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Revitalise, Energise and Rejuvenation Day Beaulieu New Forest

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Posted on May 25 2015
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Revitalise Your Energy Day

In the heart of Hampshire's lushious New Forest At Beaulieu

Events in Beaulieu New Forest Hampshire - Workshop on health mindfulness at The Treehouse Study Centre

Want to increase your energy levels?

Transition Coach Clare Norman and Nutritional Therapist Yvonne Bishop-Weston invite you to Revitalise your Energy on a one-day interactive wellness workshop in the Beaulieu Treehouse on Saturday 4th July 2015.

o    Are you feeling at a low ebb, and want to increase your energy?

o    Are you on the cusp of a change and need all the energy you can muster?

o    Does it feel like you have been going at full-pelt, and now realise you need to get more balance?

If any of these apply to you, we can help guide you through.

You’ll benefit from:

o    Identifying your own goals, particularly around energy

o    A new way of planning your food intake, with your body’s needs in mind

o    Quizzing  our chef as he creates some delicious new recipes for you to try out at home; and eating the final creation

o    One-to-one tailored advice for your own nutritional needs, either as a taster session or full consultation

o    One-to-one coaching to help you to build a new habit or two, either as a taster session or full consultation

o    A relaxing chair massage

o    Plenty of time in nature to contemplate your goals and rejuvenate your energy

We’ll support you in the morning in a small group; then in your own one-to-one taster sessions in the afternoon, or through full consultations in our Beaulieu clinic in the following weeks, depending which option you choose.  You can of course book further sessions with Yvonne, Clare and team in the following weeks to embed your new habits.

Revitalise Day Options

Full Package - Total time with the professionals 6.25 hours

o    3 hours in a small group, identifying your energy goals, learning how to eat for energy, and tasting our chef’s delights

o    Two full hour one-to-one sessions with nutritionist, scheduled in the weeks following the group work

o    One full hour one-to-one session with coach, scheduled in the week following the group work

Cost per person - £325 (£315 for CET members); per couple £610 (£590 per couple CET members)

Taster Package  - Total time with the professionals 4.5 hours, plus time to reflect in nature.

o    3 hours in small group, identifying your energy goals, learning how to eat for energy, and tasting our chef’s delights

o    20 minute taster sessions with nutritionist and coach

o    Time to chat with the chef between sessions

o    20 minute chair massage

Cost per person - £120 (£110 for CET members); per couple £200 (£180 per couple CET members)


Time Table




9.00 – 9.30


Healthy snack and drinks




Visioning for energy



Healthy snack and drinks


Nutrition talk


Cookery demo

Cook’s table Lunch


End of day for full package; full consultations to be taken the following week


Continuation of day for taster package:

Nutrition consultation

Coaching walk

Chair massage

Reflection time

Q&A with chef




Healthy snack and drinks


Summing up and goal setting




Please complete Booking Form and use the buttons below to pay and confirm your place.


About Us

Therapists therapy health professionals practitioners speakers New Forest health event

Yvonne Bishop-Weston Nutrition Therapist

New Forest Nutritionist Nutrition Therapist Beaulieu

Yvonne Bishop-Weston Nutrition Therapist Clinical Nutritionist Consultant
Nutritional Therapist and co-author of a range of healthy eating cookbooks, Yvonne Bishop-Weston BSc. DipION mBANT CNHC founded Foods for Life and has run clinics in Harley Street and South London for over 12 years. Clinic consultations cover a wide range of health issues including digestive health, stress management, weight loss, disordered eating, hormonal balance, fertility, pregnancy and children’s health.  In clinic, a wide range of biochemical tests are available to assess individual biochemistry and nutrient needs.
Yvonne has now also set up The Life Consultancy which provides a one-stop complimentary health clinic.

Therapists work in an integrated team to help our clients reach and maintain their health goals.

Traditional and complimentary therapies combine synergistically to help you work out your achievable path to wellness

Clare Norman Life Coach

Clare Norman Coach Beaulieu Natural Health Clinic

Clare Norman Business and Personal Development Coach. Clare is a Professional Certified Coach with over 14 years of coaching experience.  She majors in one-to-one leader and transition coaching, action learning and coach supervision
Individuals say that Clare helps them to think deeply for themselves; that she enables them to bring greater degrees of balance and purpose to their work and life; and that she provides a safe environment, in which to make sometimes uncomfortable changes happen.

 Clare’s approach to coaching is simple, non-directive, client-centred, encouraging clients to work and think in an adult way with themselves and towards others. She helps people to look at things from different perspectives and explore options creatively. Clare contracts for results with her clients, and holds them accountable for their actions, pinning them down. Couple that with her use of intuition to say what she sees, and you get a transformational blend.

Tony Bishop-Weston Plant Based Vegan Chef Cook


Executive chef author health nutrition cook Tony Bishop-Weston speaker

Consultant development chef, author and presenter. Former award winning hotelier in Lochbroom, Scotland, author of a range of plant-based cookbooks, radio and cookery presenter, Tony is passionate about helping people create delicious health-enriching plant-based food. Tony teaches children how to cook and eat a rainbow of veg everyday in his pirate cookery workshops at events across the country, and works with individuals, groups and companies to help them practically implement an optimally healthy diet.


The Life Consultancy massage therapists from Beaulieu Natural Health Clinic will also be attending to provide relaxing chair massages.

Further Information

For further details please contact Yvonne Bishop-Weston on 01590 612 399 or 01590 612 891 or

Revitalise day details


Saturday 4th July 2015

Arrive from 9am for 9.30am start

9.30am-12.45pm (plus three hours of consultations in the following weeks for full package)

9.30am-4.30pm for taster package



The Beaulieu Treehouse, New Forest National Park Beaulieu, Brockenhurst, Hampshire SO42 7YL

Parking at the Motor Museum, details will be sent on booking.

There is some restricted access at the Beaulieu Treehouse; we will however do our best to accommodate the needs of all. Please let us know if you have restricted mobility or any other needs we would want to take into account.



Herbal teas and waters will be available throughout the day. There will be a grazing lunch of the foods our chef demonstrates, and snacks at break times.

Our health enhancing plant-based taster menu can be adapted should you have any allergies or dietary requirements. Please let us know.


What to wear

Some of our taster consultations will be outside making the most of the environment; we would recommend comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for the British weather.

Booking details

Please complete the booking form  and use the drop down menu selection and pay buttons below to secure your booking.  If you prefer we can take your booking details by phone and you can post a cheque.

Revitalise Packages
Please complete booking form

or post a cheque made payable to  ‘Foods for Life’ to The Beaulieu Natural Health Clinic, The Old Queensmead Dairy, Beaulieu, Hampshire, SO42 7YA

Full package

Cost per person including wellness morning, lunch, two one hour nutrition sessions and one hour coaching session - £325 (£315 for CET members)

Per couple £610 (£590 per couple CET members)

Taster package

Cost per person including wellness morning, lunch, 20 minute nutrition session, 20 minute coaching session, 20 minute chair massage.

Cost per person - £120 (£110 for CET members)

Per couple £200 (£180 per couple CET members)

Gift vouchers are available

Cancellation policy

We will be able to run the taster day with eight people or more.  If we need to cancel due to undersubscription, we will let you know with two weeks’ notice and give you a full refund.

If you need to cancel we would need two weeks’ notice. If you give us more than two weeks’ notice we will be able to offer a full refund.   Less than this, we will only be able to refund if we can fill your place.

Medical conditions

The advice given on the Revitalise day is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. If you have any medical conditions, please let us know

Please let us know if you have any allergies we need to take into consideration.

Contact details

Booking Form

For any questions at all please get in touch.Please contact Yvonne Bishop-Weston

T: 01590 612 399

T: 01590 612 891


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