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Slimmers Start Fight with Weightwatchers

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Posted on Nov 09 2010
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Diet and Weightwatcher Wars

Rosemary Conley, CBE queen of the fitness video has fired a broadside at UK weightwatchers. She says "I really question whether WeightWatchers understand the mentality of the dieter with their U-Turn on their calorie based principles."

Claiming herself to be the UK's leading Diet and Fitness expert, Rosemary Conley, remains strong in the belief that calories are the way forward and that they are the only way dieters will lose vast amounts of weight at a sensible pace and keep it off.

WeightWatchers is meanwhile apparently discarding its famous fat and calorie-based 'Points' plan, in favour of a new points system that allows alcohol and fast food.

"Tell this to a dieter, struggling to shift the weight, and they will think that they can do it every night. Dieters don't buy into the concept that this is reserved for special occasions only. Fast foods, like burgers and beer, offer little nutritional value to someone on a health kick. In addition it encourages dieters to eat junk food instead of selecting healthier meal options.

Leading UK Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says they are both wrong.

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