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pHresh Greens - Green Drink for Alkaline Food and Water pH Balance

We are all aware of the benefits of consuming plenty of fresh vegetables and particularly green vegetables. They help to improve the body acid alkaline balance in addition to providing the body with beneficial phyto-chemicals and micro nutrients.

pHresh greens is a concentrated blend of wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa grass, oat grass, selected green vegetables  together with chlorella and spirulina.  All the ingredients in pHresh greens are organically grown and have been dehydrated at low temperature to preserve nutrient density and the energy of the plants.  It is classed as a raw food. pHresh Greens is a great addition to everyone’s diet providing dense alkalising nutrition. One teaspoon serving is equivalent to in excess of 3 normal portions of green vegetables. pHresh greens is supplied in 285 gm tubs giving 57 teaspoon servings. Just add to water or use it to increase the nutrient density of juices or smoothies.

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