Probiotics - Human Strain


PROBIOTICS: Review list of latest most effective human strain resident probiotics for adults and children

Your nutritionist will usually look to acertain exactly what is going on in your digestive system via a CSAP test looking for levels of both good and bad bacteria, signs of infection and parasites.

The comprehensive bio-chemical laboratory test will determine not just the exact balance of beneficial and detrimental bacteria but also, if there are signs of infection, then what they found was the best, most effective and most natural way of getting rid of it.

In the long run this will save you money as you will be recommended the exact residential bacteria for your individual personal needs to rebalance your gut flora and get you well for good.

Cheaper probiotics in yoghurt are transient and give mild relief whilst they are in your gut but as soon as you stop taking them your symptoms are likely to return.

Nutritionists use therapeutic natural resident collonising human strains of probiotics that inhabit your gut. If you get the right one then you should be permanantly better (providing you adopt a diet and lifestyle that supports the balance of beneficial probiotic bacteria in your digestive system)

Please refer to your nutritionist following your biochemical laboratory tests to check your personal probiotic recommendation.

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