Water Filters and Alkaline Products

Alkaline Food and Water Filters for PH Mineral Balance

Good healthy water is an essential constituent of our diets. Proper hydration in itself can have an extremely profound impact on our health. The largest part of our body’s mass is water so it is essential that we give our bodies the right quantity and quality of water to keep it healthy. Water has many functions in the human body and dehydration can severely limit its optimal functioning.

Absence of chemical pollutants in water is just one of the criteria necessary for water to have health giving properties. Good healthy water should also be alkaline, should possess the ability to help neutralise harmful free radicals and should be in a form where it is readily absorbed in the body.

We offer a range of cutting edge water filtration and activation technologies to provide health promoting properties.  These include:


Alkaline Antioxidant Mineral Water Jug Filter

Water Filter for Alkaline Mineral Water

One of the simplest and easiest ways to improve the quality of the water you drink is to use the alkaline water jug filter. This water filter jug looks similar to commonly available water jug filters but in operation it is quite different.  Most water jug filters leave the filtered water acidic after filtering which is not believed to be best for your health. The alkaline jug filter reduces chlorine and dissolved organic pollutants. Inside the water filter cartridge are a range of bioceramic minerals that enhance the alkalinity of the water and change its structure so that the water is more readily absorbed. It is the simplest and most cost effective way for everyone to get the benefit of alkaline balanced antioxidant water.


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'Energy Plus' Alkaline Balance Under the Sink Mineral Water Filter

Under the Sink Reverse Osmosis Alkaline and Mineral Water Filter

This under sink system is designed to give high levels of water purification in addition to alkalising and energising the filtered water.  The Energy Plus filter removes a wide range of contaminants including fine particulate, pathogens, chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and dissolved organic contaminants such as pesticide residues. The final cartridges in the Energy Plus filter then alkalise and energise the water using a special range of natural minerals. The Energy Plus Filter is easy to install and comes complete with its own drinking water tap.

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Alkaline Mineral Stick

alkalising rod for bottled water

 Biocera’s alkaline mineral stick is a very useful device that uses special bioceramic minerals to both alkalise and ionize bottled water.

By adding the alkaline mineral stick to a bottle of filtered water, you can transform the contents in minutes; imbuing it with beneficial alkaline minerals like magnesium, zinc and calcium, as well as altering its structure and substantially improving its ORP (or oxygen reduction potential).

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pHresh Greens - Green Drink for Alkaline Food and Water Balance

pHresh Green Drink - Alkaline Food organic shake

We are all aware of the benefits of consuming plenty of fresh vegetables and particularly green vegetables. They help to improve the body acid alkaline balance in addition to providing the body with beneficial phyto-chemicals and micro nutrients.

pHresh greens is a concentrated blend of wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa grass, oat grass, selected green vegetables  together with chlorella and spirulina.  All the ingredients in pHresh greens are organically grown and have been dehydrated at low temperature to preserve nutrient density and the energy of the plants.  It is classed as a raw food. pHresh Greens is a great addition to everyone’s diet providing dense alkalising nutrition. One teaspoon serving is equivalent to in excess of 3 normal portions of green vegetables. pHresh greens is supplied in 285 gm tubs giving 57 teaspoon servings. Just add to water or use it to increase the nutrient density of juices or smoothies.

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