Emotional Connections

Jen McFarlane Emotional Connections Therapist


Jen McFarlane  Sen Ndn Rgn Adv EFT. Access Bars Practitioner/facilitator

Jen McFarlane joined the therapeutic team at The Beaulieu Natural Health Clinic because of our shared aim to get people well and gain a freedom that allows them to achieve what they want from life. 

Jen is a trained nurse and counsellor and has over 25 years experience of working as a Complimentary Therapist. For over forty years Jen worked as a general nurse, then the past 25 years as a community nurse. She nursed and counselled patients with serious diseases, along with their relatives, and feels that this has given her a great understanding and acceptance of people from all walks of life and at very vulnerable times.

Jen has also worked as a volunteer for the Samaritans and has deep compassion for people in distress. Her life’s work is caring and healing people when possible.


Jens current Complimentary Therapy work covers any physical and emotional problem including ill health, addiction, depression, stress, relationship problems and low self esteem.


Jen is trained in an extensive range of therapies to help her clients emotionally reconnect to their world and life; she works intuitively combining different techniques to support the individual needs of the person she is working with. Jen has found that the best people feel after a session is that it has changed their life forever, the worst people feel is that they've had a full body massage.

Jen is an advanced therapist in:

*        EFT 

Emotional Freedom Technique, better known as 'Tapping'

*        Access Consciousness

32 points on the head, when held by the practitioner start to delete old habits, conditioning and limitations

*        Access Body Processes

Clearing deeper physical and emotional conditions that are contributing to the pain or disease in the body

*        Matrix Re-Imprinting

A different and very affective way of working with EFT

*        Matrix Birth Re-Imprinting

Re-birthing our own or our child’s traumatic birth


Following the energy until it leaves the body

Picture Tapping

Drawing any picture or scribble that comes to mind when you think of a problem you have

 Visionary work

Following the feelings in the body, watching them leave

 Muscle Testing

Checking if the problems have left the body

Expect to have from three to six sessions with Jen to help you change patterns in your life. One-to-one sessions last an hour and cost £75.