Donna Van Vuuren

DIP HYP CS, EFT therapist, advanced Matrix Re-imprinting therapist, Reiki Master

Donna Van Vuuren Hypnotherapy Reiki EFT New Forest Beaulieu Clinic

My passion is to help people be the best they can be, and promote complete health and well-being. My belief is that we must find the source of the issue to heal the body and mind completely.

Hypnotherapy is safe, gentle and effective way of removing unhelpful habits and beliefs that can prevent us from being our best selves. Clinical hypnosis is very different from stage hypnosis and it is in-fact deep relaxation where the mind is more receptive to positive suggestion and changes to behaviour.

 The subconscious holds memories good and bad that will impact us through-out our lives. These can be the triggered by events or feelings associated with past experiences and this is how we work with hypnosis. Hypnotherapy can effectively shift old patterns and beliefs, promoting life changing results where time and time again the client may confess they wish they’d tried it sooner.

Each client is unique and so it is important to develop a treatment plan that is as individual as the client. It is always good to start with a taster of relaxation hypnosis, where the client will embark on a gentle inner journey that invites all the senses to relax and enjoy this positive experience.

Hypnotherapy can help with-


In our Hypnotherapy for Weight-loss programme we will look at replacing unhelpful habits. Assessing eating habits, advice on exercise, the impact the belief system and environment has on the way we feed and nourish ourselves.  Many weight-loss issues are due to emotional problems acted out though the relationship with food. This programme is not asking to give up or deprave the client it simply reprograms the subconscious into healthy eating, and working with self-esteem based issues. This includes taking care and looking after our bodies, helping to understand the emotional hurdle that may be blocking weight-loss and working towards a realistic goal.

The positive weight-loss programme is a minimum of 4-6 sessions


In the modern world stress and anxiety can become part of daily life and over time if left un-dealt with it will take its toll on our physical health and can have a negative impact, making it hard to function well. Stress and anxiety can also lead to depression, IBS, panic attacks, insomnia, acid reflux and sexual dysfunction to name a few. Hypnotherapy for both anxiety and stress can be highly effective, by looking at the triggers and the belief system we can identify why the subconscious is reacting in “fight or flight mode” which increases levels of adrenalin, activating stress hormones and chemicals such as Cortozol. 


Phobias are an irrational fear of something that stems from the subconscious, in treating such a condition we would look at the source and treat by using the subconscious to give the element of control back.  We treat the client’s specific fear through hypnosis by giving a sense of control and identifying the source. Treatment depends on the complexity of the issue and a flexible plan should be considered


Habits are usually formed when we have encountered something difficult at some point in our lives. This is where the brain has found the habit a source of comfort, and this has reduced anxiety at the time. The subconscious mind is running these sources of comfort as a quick problem solving programme and by offering suggestion and solution through hypnosis the habit can be resolved or replaced with a more suitable option. Thumb sucking, chocolate for comfort, nail-biting, coffee, wine are just a few of the most common habitual issues that can be helped with hypnotherapy.


Hypnosis for stopping smoking is hugely successful over other methods because it is the unconscious mind that alters the feeling we get from smoking.  Changing the experience to a negative one and taking away the previously positive experience can change the subconscious pattern that leads to success in stopping for good. This is generally a one off session of an hour and a half, which can be followed up with a minimal weight gain session for those who have a tendency to replacing cigarettes with food. It is expected as vitamins and nutrients return to the body as well as increased hydration the body will naturally and healthily gain a few pounds, but if weight- gain is a concern this can be addressed in a follow up session.

Self- esteem

Self-esteem is confidence in one’s own self-worth and abilities. We aim to identify and understand each client’s specific problems and tailor a treatment plan for focusing on the source. May it be a boost of confidence for a particular occasion such as a wedding, exam, interview nerves, or for a much deeper underlying self-esteem issue hypnotherapy can help get to the source of the problem and tackle any low self-esteem once and for all, and help discover a more positive and self-assured you.

Panic attacks

Panic attacks can be a very debilitation problem, and can escalate due to the fear of having another panic attack. This stems from supressed or increased anxiety, and can be triggered by fear or a life crisis. Treating panic attacks can be affective using Hypnotherapy to achieve a more relaxed state whilst creating a personalised script for the client with key trigger words.


Hypnosis can be incredibly helpful for those living with and challenging infertility. By increasing relaxation in the body and mind, we can employ positive suggestive work and reduce anxiety and stress. Acknowledging fears and any unaddressed issues can be liberating and release tension in the body as well.

Working with acceptance, uncertainty, family and sexual pressures as well as financial implications, stress between partners and control issues are all factors that can be assisted with by hypnotherapy.

Relationships and Sexual dysfunction

There can be many reasons for difficulty in achieving levels of confidence needed to interact with the preferred sex, such as Low self-esteem, unhappy about appearance, past experience, fear, being unsure of their sexuality. Exploring the source of the issue and working with the client to create a treatment plan using hypnotic scripts and languages can be a highly effective way to combat such issues.

Illness and pain relief

Whilst we would never encourage the use of hypnosis in replace of modern medicine it can work alongside very well and improve tolerance to levels of pain, increase self-esteem, bring in beneficial coping strategies, increase acceptance and assist relaxation. We can also work with the emotional aspect and any trauma in the body for great results.


These are just some of the issues hypnotherapy can assist with. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

A single hour session costs £75 but expect 3-6 sessions unless specified.

As well as hypnotherapy we use a variety of advanced techniques that compliment and increase the effectiveness of hypnosis including Reiki, EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting.