Sports Massage

Sports Massage can enhance your physical, physiological and psychological well being and prevent those little niggles and pains.

If you would like to improve your fitness regime, achieve higher goals in your sport or just get rid of those aches and pains after a workout, sitting in the office or digging in the garden then Sports Massage is what you are looking for. The post exercise care for your body is as equally important as the routines, repetitions and recovery.

Anyone who takes part in regular sport and exercise, pushing their body to the limits or just stretching it slightly more than normal could benefit from a sports massage. However, this isn't just limited to those who run, cycle or swim miles each week, but also for those whose job involves physical exertion, sitting still in the same position for a few hours a day or even just gardening.

Sports Massage involves manipulating the body's soft tissue to relieve tension. It isolates individual muscle groups to mobilise, stretch and improve the physical state of the muscles.