Yvonne Doherty (Holistic Massage)

Yvonne Doherty

Yvonne Doherty Massage Beaulieu Health Cliinic

Yvonne has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years. In 2005 she decided to focus on Massage Therapy and qualified as a Holistic Masseuse. Working in a gym and health club Yvonne found that her clients had a need for deeper tissue manipulation treatments and she undertook further training in Deep Tissue Massage.

When practicing Holistic Massage Yvonne had a number of requests from clients and friends for pregnancy massage and therefore decided to train in this specialised area so she could provide women with the benefits of muscle relaxation and stress relief with the confidence that the treatment would be safe and meet their specific needs. Yvonne found that this was an area she found interesting and rewarding and has since further qualified in Baby Massage and Paediatric First Aid training.

Yvonne has a clinic in South London where she offers Holistic, Deep Tissue and Pregnancy Massage treatments. She also runs Baby Massage group courses and one to one home sessions for parents and carers. Yvonne will be practicing from the Beaulieu Natural Health Clinic one weekend a month offering Holistic, Deep Tissue and Pregnancy Massage. Yvonne will also be running Baby Massage classes and Paediatric First Aid courses for parents and carers.

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