Yvonne Bishop-Weston-Nutritionist

Yvonne Bishop-Weston BSc DipION mBANT

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Nutritionist New Forest Nutrition and Natural health at Beaulieu Clinic Beaulieu High Street

Yvonne Bishop-Weston has worked in the Natural Health Industry for over 15 years. Her initial career path as a teacher led her to train managers for Holland & Barrett Health food stores but was then head hunted to join Cranks The vegetarian Health and Vitality restaurant chain in London. After helping Ian Marber at The Food Doctor health brand diversify his business in West London Yvonne set up her own nutrition and health consultancy Foods for Life Health and Nutrition. Yvonne now has regular clinics in Harley Street London, Croydon in Surrey, South London and in Beaulieu in the New Forest, Hampshire.

Yvonne can be spotted regularly on TV having appeared on BBC The One Show, GMTV, LKToday, ITN News, Sky TV and often on national radio too. She works closely with freelance journalists in National Press helping them to have a clearer understanding of the latest scientific health research and report stories responsibly and truthfully.

Yvonne also works with food manufacturers and health products such as Vitabiotics and restaurants such as Leon Restaurants and Feng Sushi both conceptually and to translate nutrition theory into meaningful motivators for customers.

Key specialist subjects include digestion, hormone balance, fertility and pregnancy, children's health and inevitably weight loss.

Nutrition is a big, but only one piece of the optimum health jigsaw and so Yvonne brings together other key health professionals for a more holistic approach. Thus for instance if your problem is infertility you may find yourself being recommended to an acupunturist to raise the odds of a successful healthy pregnancy even higher than nutrition therapy alone.

Where appropriate Yvonne uses a range of biochemical laboratory tests to quickly discover the true root cause of a symptom, making your recovery as speedy as possible

Please see 'prices and payment page' for fees.