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Live Life - Beaulieu, New Forest, Hampshire Ideal health and weight club 

Live Life   ideal health and weight club is designed to help you reach and 
maintain your ideal weight within your lifestyle. The club is science based, relaxed 
and food focused. Enjoyment, not denial, is where we stand
The club offers the benefits of regular sessions with Nutritional Therapist Yvonne 
Bishop-Weston to help you develop your own dietary plan based on sound scientific 
knowledge and practical solutions to family, work and social meals
The programme runs for 12 weeks. There are weekly sessions to give you all the 
knowledge you need, there is also time to catch up on how you are doing and 
answer any questions
 Setting positive goals you can achieve
 The Life Food basics, which foods we need and which will stand in the way 
of our health and ideal weight goals
 Life food balance, what to put on your plate and when, helping you enjoy 
your food fuel with all day steady energy and motivation and how to prevent 
body fat production
 Focus on carbs, the wholegrain truth, the ones we need and the ones to 
 Treats, defining what they are and the role they play
 Proteins and fats, the essential, the bad and the downright ugly
 Optimising your antioxidants for health, beauty and anti-aging 
 Getting off that plateau, how your individual body can be stubborn in losing 
body fat, the hormones in charge and which biochemical tests may help you 
to find out your individual barriers and how to break through them. The role 
of dietary supplements and if you need them
On-going support 
After your four week introduction there are weekly sessions to help you find practical 
solutions to everyday weight loss challenges. These sessions may include the 
following as well as time to catch up and ask questions 
 Reinforcement of the Live Life   weight loss principles
 Recipe ideas and tastings
 Motivational exercise advice from our exercise specialists 
 Emotional eating advice from our counseling specialist 
 Cost includes nutrition and exercise sessions 
 Month one £90, thereafter £72 a month for two months (all months are 4 
 Club fee’s are payable monthly in advance
 Month one - £50
 From then on £32 per four weeks 
 One-to-one nutrition consultations can be added to your programme at 
members rate if you would like  in-depth individual support
 Two sessions a week of one hour fat-burning outdoor group exercise 
sessions £40 for four weeks
 One-to-one PT is available at extra cost 
Tel:  01590 612 891
Details of our therapies on www.newforesthealth.com