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Omega 3 DHA and EPA essential fats from plant based vegetarian / vegan sources

A number of dietary factors have led clinitians, dietitians and nutritionists to claim we are desperately short of essential fats. The main factors seem to be

  • Too much omega 6 and not enough omega 3 in our diets and the diets of animals used for meat, milk and eggs
  • Too little of the supporting nutrients, vitamins and minerals we need to convert basic omega 3 into longer chain EPA and DHA essential fats
  • Stress inhibits the ability to process essential fats
  • Omega 3 is a very delicate fat and can oxidise easily with age or heat or light

The most reliable way to correct and rebalance a deficiency of omega 3 essential fats is to take a supplement with at least 1000mg of active mainly EPA DHA but perhaps some SDA and even some omega 6 GLA as it is co dependant. Make sure you also have enough reserves of supporting vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins and zinc.

V Pure - Vegetarian vegan omega 3 DHA

Over 10 years ago the original ground breaking plant based omega 3 DHA / EPA was launched made from sustainably farmed toxin free plant based marine algae and was registered with The Vegetarian and Vegan societies and provided a welcome alternative to calls from health professionals to eat more fish lest we 'become a race of morons' (Prof. Michael Crawford ) Omega 3 DHA and EPA rich Algae represented an opportunity to avoid the toxicity issues with fish oils contaminated with mercury and PCBs, the sustainability issues of catching fish for oil and the counter intuitive saturated animal fat that comes free with fish meat. Algae also obviously appeased the ethical concerns of vegetarians and vegans.

Echiomega - SDA from Echium Oil ( for EPA )

Known as Paterson's curse in Australia, and Vipers Bugloss or Blueweed in the UK. In studies Echium oil converted to EPA up to 5 times more efficiently than linseed / flax oil in human trials - Echiomega

Opti-3 - EPA DHA    * Latest analysis EPA: 324mg DHA: 528mg *

Algae based vegan long chain omega 3 essential fats in vegan softgel gelatin free capsules. Currently Opti-3 is gauranteed 300mg EPA and 500mg DHA and even some plant derived Vitamin D3,  a vegan version of the more potent form of vitamin D normally extracted from sheep wool but this version made from litchen - Special offer buy 3 for 2

Omega 7 - Seabuckthorn Oil

Thought to be another helpful part of the chain in processing omega 3 and 6 essential fats for better cell membrane, hormone and skin integrity. Omega 7 - from Seabuckthorn Oil

Hemp Seeds, Chia seeds, Flax Seeds

Flax seeds used to be the favoured source of basic omega 3 but they really ought to be very fresh, freshly ground and shouldn't really be cooked. Scientific trials using flax seeds vary enormously because of this. Whole flax seeds can pass straight through you. Chia seeds can be baked with more successfully and Hemp seeds can be bought shelled and kept fresh in foil sachets to sprinkle on breakfast, salads, soups, stirfries , other dishes and in sandwiches. Hemp seeds come with SDA which is a little further down the conversion chain thus easier to convert to EPA.


A salad herb more popular in mainland Europe than the UK said to be one of the richest sources of omega 3 fats. It is possible to buy purslane seeds in the UK and grow your own.

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