Vicky Duddridge (PgDip CBT, Dip Couns, BACP(Acc), BABCP(PAcc),  BSc(Hons) Psy)

Vicky is a CBT Therapist who has worked with counselling therapies for over 20 years; she works creatively with problems with mood, worries and life's difficulties. 

 Vicky also specialises in effective treatment for issues with food; problems with eating and eating disorders.  She has years of experience working with disordered eating ranging from mild difficulties with food and body image to the more severe and entrenched eating disorders such as Anorexia, Bulimia, EDNOS and Binge-Eating Disorder. 

 About CBT

 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy which can help you manage your problems and challenges by changing the way you think and behave. It is action and goal-orientated towards change and is most commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, but can be useful for other mental and physical health problems.

 CBT for positive relationships with food

 In terms of our relationship with food, low self-esteem is often a maintaining factor for eating problems and this can be worked with skillfully and creatively to improve coping skills and to create more helpful thoughts and behaviours. CBT, or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a talking therapy and has been found to be effective in changing relationships with food. CBT looks at how we think about a situation and how this affects the way we act.  In turn our actions can affect how we think and feel.

 By focussing on Cognitions (Thoughts) and Behaviours, people can gain a better understanding of the idiosyncratic nature of their eating; as well as increase their sense of control.  

 Vicky works with children from the age of nine years with their parents/carers and with adults all ages. The approach is sensitive and goal-orientated; helping individuals transform their relationship with food. Entrenched habits can be changed; pre-occupation with food, weight or shape can be reduced and emotional eating can be eradicated.


Expect to have from three to six sessions with Vicky to help you change patterns in your life. One-to-one sessions last an hour and cost £65.

 Group sessions

 As well as one-to-one sessions Vicky will also be running group therapy sessions. This enables participants to access support at a lower cost and to benefit from the advantages of being part of a supportive group.

The first session will be on Friday 5th December 2014 (12.45pm to 1.15pm) and be an introduction to CBT.

 The group offers an opportunity to find out what CBT has to offer and how exactly it might help you in your journey towards better health and happiness. Individuals are not expected to disclose anything they feel uncomfortable about in the group and there will be an educational component to this first session.  However, if individuals wish to disclose then that material would be worked with respectfully and in a boundaried way. One session of CBT can be very empowering and individuals then have the option whether to attend another group or to opt for individual CBT.

 The fee for the CBT Group is £30 per person for a one and a half hour session.  The group has a maximum of 5 people; please get in touch for further information or to book a place Tel: 01590 612 891

Please see 'prices and payment page' for fees and to book